Essay on your ambition in life

Essay on Your Ambition In Life

Your Aim Of Life Or Aim Of Life Or What I Wish To Become

Hints: 1. Introduction, 2. Ambition to be a lawyer, 3. Reason, 4. Short earnings, 5. Better use of talents, 6. Conclusion.

1 . Introduction-
Different persons have different aims of life. They have difficult ambitions in life. It is quite natural. No two persons are the same. They differ in their aptitude, taste, intelligence, capacity and circumstances of life. The aims of life are set, taking these factors into consideration. If it is not done so, they meet nothing but dissatisfaction in life.

2 . Ambition to be a lawyer-
Now-a-days, there is a craze to become a doctor or an engineer or to join Indian Administrative Services. But, I am good neither at science nor at Mathematics nor have an aptitude for service. I am interested in an independent profession. So, I wish to join legal profession and become a lawyer.

3 . Reason –
I possess the gift of the gab. I am good at debating and argumentative skill, I have won a number of prizes in school and college debates and elocution contests. The study of logic has given me the power to argue correctly and to detect the fallacies in the arguments of others. The study of the history of Freedom Movement in India in which the lawyers have played an outstanding role and have made the greatest contribution, has aroused in me an ambition to become a lawyer.

4 . Short earnings –
You may laugh in your sleeves to hear these tall claims for the legal profession. You may consider me foolish for you see that the lawyers, today, have fallen into disgrace in the society on account of their selfish ambition to squeeze their clients and fill their own cofers, on account of playing an antisocial role by taking up cases of criminals, smugglers and other guilty of heinous crime. I am not unware of these. But for all these, it is the lawyers as individuals, who are at fault and not the legal profession. There is a common saying that it is the mind that makes hell of a heaven. So, it is upto the individual how he makes use of a thing.UP Board Solutions for Class 11 Samanya Hindi काव्यांजलि Chapter 5 स्वयंवर-कथा, विश्वामित्र और जनक की भेंट (केशवदास) free pdf

5 . Better use of talents-
Thus taking into consideration all the pros and cons of legal profession, I have set the aim of becoming a lawyer. I feel that as a lawyer I shall be able to make use of my talents to shine not only in the profession but also play an effective role in the social and national life of the country. Life is not worth if it is used only for selfish ends.

6 . Conclusion-
The beauty of life lies in how, it is used to remove the ills which affect the society and the nation and human life at large and make them better and happier. I hope that as a lawyer, I shall be able to play my own role towards the larger goals of life.


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