Essay on My Mother Whom I Worship

Essay on My Mother Whom I Worship

My Mother Whom I Worship Or

An Ideal Mother Or The Place of Mother in the House Or

My Mother, My Best Teacher

Hints : 1. Introduction, 2. Embodiment of love, 3. Natural taste for songs, dance and fairy tales, 4. Respect by neighbours, 5. An ideal Company, 6. Conclusion.

1-. Introduction

My mother is the goddess to me. The goddess loves all her children in the world. She rushes to them for their help in distress. If the child goes astray, she does not rebuke and reprimand it. She gently admonishes it. She shows it the correct path and persuades it with love and affection to take the right path. So the goddess is worshipped by all her children.

2 . Embodiment of love-

My heart, too, goes out in worship to my mother. She is the embodiment of love and affection. She is an incarnation of love, sacrifice and self-denial. Her sweet kisses of love send vibrations of happiness to every fibre of my being. I remember still how she lulled me to sleep with her sweet lullabies and ‘lories’ and gentle pattings in my childhood, how she was happy in my happiness and how she shed tears when I was sick and ailing. She sacrifices her own personal comforts to keep me and my younger sister well-fed, well clothed and well-cleaned.

3 . Natural taste for songs, dance and fairy tales-
Whatever good things, I have learnt in my life, they are all due to my mother. My father finds little time to devote to his children. It is she who looks after us. She sings, dances and plays with us. She entertains us with her sweet and melodious voice. She recites ‘bhajans and prayers. My mother who has a natural taste for all these things has done a lot to enrich and refine our life with these things. She has shaped our character with these things. We all know, Jija Bai, mother of Shivaji, built up the character of Shivaji. My mother, too, has inspired us with noble and inspiring ideas.

4- Respect by neighbours-
My mother is loved by all in the neighbourhood. She is sweet, loving and smiling to all the children in the neighbourhood without any difference. She is ever anxious for their well-being and progress. She is an ideal woman to all. She is looked with respect by all and worshipped by all the children in my neighbourhood.

5- An ideal Company-My mother is an ideal company to me. She is my friend, philosopher and guide. She is my real helper. I look upon her as my ideal. I feel that an ideal mother like her makes family life a real heaven on earth. How true are the words of Nepoleon who Said “Give me good mother and I promise you good nation”.

6- Conclusion-
A sweet and loving home cannot be thought of without a sweet and loving mother.

It is a sweet and loving home which forms a good background of learning. I am fortunate to have such a home and it is due to my mother. My mother has to perform multifarious duties at home. She has to do the cleaning, washing, cooking and sewing. And she does all this without any grouse.


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