Up Board Class 10 English Grammar Model Auxiliaries solution

Up Board Class 10 English Grammar Model Auxiliaries solution

Modal Auxiliaries

Fill in the blanks with can/could/may/might whichever is correct:

1–It may rain heavily in the evening.

2. May he recover soon!

3. You might not take tea now.

4. He can not come now.

5. Can you run a 100 meter race?

6. Anybody can make mistake.

7. You can sleep now.

8. He could sing well when he was a child.

Fill in the blanks with must/ought to/need not/dare not:

1—-We ought to obey our parents.

2. You must complete your work before 5 p.m.

3. He must consult the doctor to avoid more complications.

4. We ought to help the poor and helpless.

5. He need not do it at any cost.

6. He need not use spectacles now?

7. Every student ought to pay his fee in time.

8. We ought to obey the laws of the country.

Fill in the blanks with Modal Auxiliaries will/shall in the following sentences

1—Mr John is very kind. He will help you.

2. I have to write some important letters. I will write them today.

3. You have a bad cold. You shall not go for the picnic.

4. My friend will arrive at 9 o’clock by the Bombay Mail.

5. His parents are going to Shimla. He will go with them.

6. You will get a good present on your next birthday.

7. We shall work hard and finish the work in time.

8. He will not leave the office before typing all the letters.

Up Board Class 10 English Grammar Primary Auxiliaries solution

Fill in the blanks with suitable Modal verbs given in brackets:

1— They must not leave the office without permission.
(could, may, ought, must)

2. We ought to do our duty honestly.
(could, may, ought, must)

3. Could I see you in the evening?
(could, may, ought, must)

4. It may rain today.
(could, may, ought, must)

5. You ought not to deceive anybody.
(must, ought, should, may)

6. We must do our duty.
(must, ought, should, may)

7. Dr Sharma is praised by everyone. He must be a good doctor.
(must, ought, should, may)

8. “May I come in?” said he.
(could, may, might)

9. Ram promised that he would come.
(would, could, might)

10. You ought to study seriously.
(could, must, ought)

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