Up Board 10th English Model Paper for 2023

2023 model 1

Up Board 10th English Model Paper for 2023

Instruction: First 15 minutes are allotted for the candidates to read the question paper.


  • This question paper is divided into two sections – A and B.
  • All questions from the two sections are compulsory.
  • Marks are indicated against each question.
  • Read the question very carefully before you start answering them.


1 . Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it:

All through the night, Lencho thought only of his one hope; the help of God, whose eyes, as he had been instructed see everything; even what is deep in one’s conscience. Lencho was an ox of a man, working like an animal in the fields, but still he knew how to write. The following Sunday, at daybreak, he began to write a letter which he himself would carry to town and place in the mail. It was nothing less than a letter to God.”God”, he wrote, “If you don’t help me, my family and I will go hungry this year. I need a hundred pesos in order to sow my field again and to live until the crop comes because the hailstorm… .”

  • What had Lencho learnt about God ?
  • What help did Lencho want from God and why ?

2 . Answer one of following questions in about 60 words:

  • Why was Nehru so attached to the Ganga ?
  • Who was Socrates ? What were his teachings ?

3 . Answer two of the following questions in about 25 words each:

  • How, according to Yudhishthira, can a man become happy and rich ?
  • How did the second son show true wisdom ?
  • Who was Swami Hari Das ? Why did Akbar want to meet him ?

4 . Match the words of List A with their meanings in List B :

List A ………………………………List B
anxiety …………………………….burnt into fire
resemble …………………………art of stone carving
cremated ……………………….to look like
sculpture………………………..feelings of uncertainty and fear about future.

5- Read the following lines of poetry and answer the questions given below it:

Into the moonlight,
Whiter than snow,
Waving so flowerlike
When the winds blow!

  • What colour is the fountain in the moonlight?
  • What happens to the fountain when the wings below ?

6 . Give the central idea of one of the following poems:

The Psalm of life.
The Nation Builders.


Write four lines from one of the poems given in your text-book. (Do not copy out the lines given in this question paper.)

7 . Answer two of the following questions in about 25 words each:

  • How did the great and eventful life of Socrates end?
  • What changes did village-boys notice in the boy after he sat on the green mound?
  • Who was Luz Long? How did he differ from the other members of his race?

8 . Points out true and false in the following statements :

  • Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor of England.
  • The beautiful palace of Vikramaditya stands even today in Ujjain.
  • The judgment-seat of Vikramaditya was supported on the hands and wings of twenty-five stone angels.
  • Pierre de Coubertin was the founder of modern Olympic Games.

9 .Select the most suitable alternative to complete the following statements:

(a) Edison’s father gave him twenty-five cents for every book he read because………….

he had failed in all his experiments.
he wanted Edison to read more books.
Edison’s ideas were wrong.
he was a funny boy.

(b) Edison succeeded in making electric bulb after nearly…………..

one thousand experiments
two thousand experiments
one thousand and two hundred experiments
one thousand and five hundred experiments.

(c) The king of Ujjain could not sit on the judgment seat of Vikramaditya because………..

he was afraid of cowherd boy
every time he was pushed aside by an angel
he thought himself unworthy of it
he wanted to be a just king.

(d) Jesse Owens could not clear two of the three long jump trials because he………..

was nervous
was overconfident
was angry over the ‘master-race’ theory of Adolf Hitler.
feared that Luz Long, a German athlete might beat him at the finals.


  1. Do as indicated against each of the following sentences:

give me eat to something please. (Frame a correct sentence by re-ordering the words)
People always admire the freedom fighters. (Change into passive voice)
Ketki said, “Will the teacher not teach us today ?” (Change into indirect speech)
My brother and his companions …….. TV. (Use the correct form of verb ‘watch’ to fill in the blank.

11 . (a) Choose the correct preposition from the ones given below the sentence to fill in the blank:

He has been suffering from fever …….. about a week.

(since, for, from)

(b) Complete the following sentence:

I do not know why……………

(c) Complete the spellings of the following words:

ordin_ _ _
bel_ _ve.

(d) Punctuate the following using capital letters wherever necessary:

the teacher said to amit have you completed your homework

  1. Translate the following into English:

जब मैं स्टेशन पंहुचा तो रेलगाड़ी छूटने ही वाली थी | मैं दौड़कर प्लेटफार्म पर गया | वहां पहुंचा ही था कि रेलगाड़ी चल दी | गाड़ी ने शीघ्र ही गति पकड़ ली और मैं एक मुर्ख की तरह उसे प्लेटफार्म से बाहर जाते हुए देख रहा था |

  1. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him to change your subjects. (Do not write your Name and Roll No.)


You are Alok living at 56, kot Bazar, Varanasi. Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for a gift he sent on your birthday.
(Do not write your Name and Place.)

  1. Write an essay on one of the following topics in about 60 words. Points of help are given below for each topic:

(a) Scene in a Public Park:

  • Name and situation
  • Scene in the morning
  • Scene during the day
  • Scene in the evening
  • Advantages of a Public Park.

(b) Policeman :

  • His uniform
  • His duties
  • His usefulness in public
  • Image needs to be changed.

(c) Visit to a Zoo :

  • Introduction
  • Place and time
  • Animals seen by you
  • Birds, fish and serpents
  • Conclusion.
  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions set thereon:

The ‘Titanic’ was a huge passenger-ship. It was provided with all possible luxuries and comforts. It was on its first voyage to America. There were 2200 passengers on board. The sea was calm. The ship was moving at its normal speed. Around midnight there was an alarm call. The man on duty had sighted an iceberg ahed. The captain ordered his men to change to course of the ship. But before the order could be carried out, the ‘Titanic’ had collided against the iceberg. It was a fatal blow, ice fell all over the deck of the ship and burst into six of water-tight compartments. The ‘Titanic’ which enjoyed the reputation of being unsinkable was sinking now.

  • What was Titanic? What reputation did it enjoy?
  • What tragedy befell the Titanic?

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