How can student become wise

How can student become wise

How can student become wise
How can student become wise

To become wise, to understand life experiences, to be one who studies the world from further perspectives, to serve what is right; etc., these criteria are all interrelated. Therefore, we should learn to build our own philosophy and methodologies of being wise, wiser by gaining experience. We must develop to learn beyond any logic and the previous experience.

Let us now have a closer look at how are we preparing for our future: to become wise in our lives!

1. We do not face anything on the surface. But there are more. Or do we even face more than one! There is a genius in every experience. We can consider our daily life experiences as a sample of how a modern day human views life. On one day, we will be refreshed on life experiences and experiences are filled with new life experiences. On the other day, we will experience our daily life experiences as a blessing to open the gates to new dreams. The key of our future luck is opportunity: be educated in studying, exploring and learning through daily life experiences. This is the method of learning — to learning by studying and researching. We can learn about modern day life experiences from our teachers and experienced people who taught a different view of life from their personal experiences. So, do not doubt the craft that we are skilled at. “Most scholars wear rose-colored glasses.” “You are the lightning itself, even as you pass over my life.” “I don’t understand you. Who are you?” “I will tell you who I am!” “How can I be wise as I am?” “How can I see myself as this?

These are all questions a wise man can ask. Our next step is to be the one who lifts the curtain of our view: be the one who knows what lies ahead!

2. Then we have to be thankful to God, who has given us hope and a way for us to shape our future. We have to believe in our lifetime. We must learn to trust God and his principles of life. Our faithfulness is how we serve our faithfulness to God. Understand God well! To become a wise man, study our faithfulness on the way we serve our faithfulness!

3. Our future experiences are not complete now. Or can be incomplete as we age our future experiences. We are always incomplete, because our mind and our body change. And we have to face change, which is an everlasting aspect of our life. One begins life, the other ends, and our life begins, and we have to live it. We are all destined to change the world and every day is a new day. We must understand the future perspective of life and come to terms with our future reality. What brings happiness in life? What is it that motivates us to serve, in serving others? What brings joy and satisfaction of our life purpose? We must learn how to be able to face circumstances and be in control of our life experiences. We are never good, nor bad. We are always a blend of good and bad. We can never know the situation under the noon moon. This means that we cannot answer the question of who we are. Perhaps we are different from all the rest.

A wise man knows that he is another person, and this makes us wiser and living with happiness in our lives.

4. We do not know God before serving him. You cannot bring people closer to God. You can only learn from service. When we study our love for God, we will bring others into the light. Teach to serve others. If we are able to serve others with our life, we become a loving person. Even if you cannot serve them, ask God for the ability to live us by serving them. Know how much it is expensive to die. So, it would be cheaper to live a good life and so we serve others. This is an experience of living our life. We are able to serve others in serving them and giving of our life. We cannot be spiritually and spiritually responsible for others. Understanding the value of the relationship between God and man is of the utmost importance.

5. Lastly, we are helped by an inspiration through God that lifts his grace. God’s grace can lift and inspire us, and when we feed and serve others, we learn and understand the value of living a life of service. In our service, we know that our faithfulness is a form of poverty, so that in our human faithfulness we can serve others in helping us to live our life on earth by serving others.

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