Essay on My Hobby

Essay on My Hobby

Gardening As A Hobby


How I Spend My Leisure


Your Favourite Hobby


Pleasures of Gardening

Hints: 1. Meaning of hobby, 2. Various hobbies and tastes. 3. My hobby. 4. Details, 5. Pleasure, 6. Conclusion.

1- Meaning of hobby-
A hobby is a pursuit or an occupation not directly connected with one’s regular duties or business; but it is pursued generally in spare time, in leisure hours as a pleasant pastime for the sake of joy and pleasure which it provides rather than out of profit motive.

2 -. Various hobbies and tastes-There are many hobbies-collecting postage stamps, old coins, lives or autographs of eminent persons, photography, reading of books, painting, sketching, music, pen- friendship, book-keeping, gardening, boating, fishing, hunting sports and games etc. Different people have different tastes, temperaments and interest.

3 . My hobby-
My hobby is gardening. I have a small plot of land in the compound of my house.

I grow vegetables for my kitchen and sometimes, I present these to my friends. In the beginning. I had to face some difficulty because I knew nothing about vegetable farming. But by slow steps and patient work, I learnt how to do it.

4- Details
At first, I consulted a gardener about starting the work. I bought some tools, such as a spade, a hoe, a pair of dippers and a bucker. I also bought a book on vegetable gardening. I learnt what, how and when manures are to be put, how to sow, water and tend and plant.

5- Pleasure
Last year, I went to the exhibition. Show was organised in the city. I was charmed by the vast varieties of flowers arranged there. I felt inspired to grow flowers besides vegetables. After all usefulness is not all. Beauty has its own reward. I returned home with a determination to raise flowers. I planted various kinds of flowers. I feel thrilled to see a beautiful combination of vegetables and flowers in my little garden.

6- Conclusion
Gardening is no doubt a good hobby. It keeps me away from foul-aired cinema halls and dusty thoroughfares. I work in the rays of the sun, listen to the warbling birds and suck out cheerfulness from them. Nature is bountiful to her votaries.


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