Top 6 Exam Day Mistakes to Avoid in Punjab Police Constable Examination

Top 6 Exam Day Mistakes to Avoid in Punjab Police Constable Examination

Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for government job examinations but only a few of them are able to get selection through these examinations. It is because the majority of candidates make the same types of mistakes in the examination, and end up losing a vital chance to secure a government job. Similarly, in the Punjab Police Constable Examination, if you want to secure a job then you will have to avoid the common mistakes which other candidates make in the examination hall. Henceforth, we will be sharing the exam tips which you should follow to avoid any mistakes in the Punjab police constable examination. 

Top 6 Common Exam Day Mistakes Candidates Make: Punjab Police Constable Examination

  1. Getting hyper: It can be possible that your exam shift might turn out to be a difficult one. In such cases, many candidates get hyper and start making guesswork in order to increase their attempt and get a poor score. Instead of getting hyper, one should understand that if the exam level is difficult it is difficult for everyone, henceforth you should always remain calm and try to attempt questions with high accuracy. For this, you will have to train your brain to tackle any kind of situation, and that can only come through practice. 
  2. Giving too much time to Difficult Questions: Every examination has a few hard or tricky questions, many candidates give too much time on these questions, and end up attempting fewer questions. Yes, you need to attempt maximum questions in your exam but in the first half of the examination always try to attempt the easy to moderate questions first. Once you attempt all the easy and moderate questions, you will get confidence which will help you in solving even the tricky or difficult questions. 
  3. Over-estimating Cutoff: Many candidates appearing for the Punjab Police Constable Recruitment have the habit of over-estimating the cutoffs. Even in the examination hall, they devise the no. of attempts on the basis of the previous year cutoffs creating an additional burden in their mind to attempt a higher number of questions in the examination. It is advisable that you should not go to the examination hall with a pre-decided number of attempts as cutoffs can fall or increase on the basis of the exam level or due to various other factors. Hence, don’t think much about other factors which aren’t in your control. 
  4. Fear of Failing: You should not carry the fear of failure in the examination. Many candidates are always afraid of what will happen if they don’t get selected and end up carrying an additional burden in their minds in the examination hall. If you have completed and revised the Punjab Police Constable Syllabus, there is no reason you should worry about anything. Even if you haven’t completed the entire syllabus, be relaxed and confident that you will answer everything from what you have studied. 
  5. Avoiding Elimination Method: In competitive examinations, you need to be practical and smart. Many candidates just skip the question if they are confused between various options instead of applying the elimination method. Instead of leaving questions directly, you should try to use the elimination method to reach the final answer. Most of the time one can reach the final answer without even knowing the answer by the elimination method. Hence, try to implement the elimination method in your examination. 
  6. Aiming 100% Accuracy: Many times, there are questions where we are confused between two options of questions. In order to achieve 100% accuracy, many candidates skip such questions. It is not a good strategy, instead of skipping such questions, one should attempt them, as the probability of getting the answer right will be 50% which is very good to bet at. Since the negative marking is just 0.25, you should try to attempt questions where you are confused between two options. 

If you attempt your question paper smartly by following these tips, you will score way better than other Punjab Police constable Aspirants.

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